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Detox Strategy Toxic Quiz

How Toxic Are You?

If you’re like most people, you probably don’t realize the number of toxins with which you come into contact every day. The following quiz will help you determine your current level of toxic exposure and enable you to make the necessary diet and lifestyle changes to support your personal detoxification journey.

Select 'Yes' or 'No' for each question. Click 'My Score' when you're finished, or 'Reset' to start again. View Scoring Information section at the bottom for suggestions on how to decrease your toxicity.
1. Do you brush your teeth daily? Yes No
2. Do you have ‘silver’ dental fillings? Yes No
3. Have you ever had tooth extractions and/or root canal fillings? Yes No
4. Do you use unfiltered tap water to brush your teeth, shower, make coffee or drink? Yes No
5. Do you have one bowel movement or more every day? Yes No
6. Do you use commercial household cleaners, cosmetics or antiperspirants? Yes No
7. Have you ever taken prescription medications or over-the-counter medications? Yes No
8. Do you have wall-to-wall carpet in your home or office? Yes No
9. Do you prepare food in a microwave oven and/or use a cell phone? Yes No
10. Do you eat commercial (non-organic) vegetables, fruits or meat? Yes No
11. Do you wear clothes that have been dry-cleaned? Yes No
12. Do you wear synthetic materials (such as polyester)? Yes No
13. Do you eat processed food or “fast food”? Yes No
14. Have you ever smoked or been exposed to second-hand smoke? Yes No
15. Do you spend some time outdoors each day? Yes No
16. Do you eat in restaurants more than twice weekly? Yes No
17. Do you use bug spray in your home or have a pest control service? Yes No
18. Do you use weed killer on your lawn? Yes No
19. Do you dye your hair? Yes No
20. Do you use cologne or perfume? Yes No
21. Are you overweight, underweight or do you have cellulite deposits? Yes No
22. Does your occupation expose you to toxins? Yes No
23. Do you drink alcoholic beverages regularly? Yes No
24. Do you have any of the following symptoms?  
  Sensitivity to perfume or other chemical odors Yes No
  Chronic infections Yes No
  Persistent joint and/or muscle pain Yes No
  Depression Yes No
  Fatigue Yes No
  Headaches Yes No

Detox Strategy Quiz Scoring Information:

1-10: Toxin Alert!

The lower your score, the greater your potential toxic burden and the more you may benefit from a natural detoxification program. If you scored a 15 or lower, you may need to take a slower, more gradual approach to cleansing in order to avoid possible cleansing reactions. Although generally short lived, such reactions may include headaches, fatigue, skin irritation and digestive discomfort. It may be best to begin with a gentle total-body cleansing formula designed for first-time cleansers before progressing to an advanced cleanse and possibly a more targeted cleansing formula to address specific needs or conditions. It is also important to supplement your diet with beneficial fiber, Omega oils, digestive enzymes and probiotics.

Detox Alert Suggestion:

First Cleanse

Brenda Watson's HOPE Formula


11-20: Room for Improvement

You may still have work to do to reduce your overall toxic burden. If you have never cleansed before, it may be best to begin with a mild cleansing formula like First Cleanse before progressing to a more advanced cleanse like CleanseSMART. However, if you are an experienced cleanser or if you suffer from occasional constipation, you may wish to begin with a more advanced cleanse that uses deep-cleansing herbal extracts instead of milder whole herbs. Remember also to supplement your diet with beneficial dietary fiber, Omega-3 fish oils, digestive enzymes and high-potency probiotic supplements like the award-winning Ultimate Flora probiotics from ReNew Life.

Detox Improvement Suggestions:

Ultimate Flora Probiotics

Organic Total Body Cleanse


21-29: Keep up the Good Work!

Chances are you’re already taking some of the necessary steps to reduce your exposure to harmful toxins and eliminate toxins from your body. Regular internal cleansing throughout the year may support your healthy lifestyle, as well as consistent nutritional supplementation with high fiber, Omega-3 fish oils, digestive enzymes and high-potency probiotic supplements.

Detox Improvement Suggestion:

Brenda Watson's HOPE Formula

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